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Present spreadsheets
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Delivering powerful presentations is essential to business success. Sharing and presenting information can sometimes become real stress. But don’t worry — now you have Mustly.

Whether you’re pitching to investors, presenting your solution to potential clients, reporting data to your boss, or discussing the results with your team, Mustly will help you impress and convince your audience.

Project scope

Challenge Create a powerful tool for presentations

Tons of tables, numbers, and charts. How to visualize and export all that data from spreadsheets to your slides? How to animate specific pieces of data or leave comments somewhere on the screen? We know you are tired of that mess with presentations. So do we.

Mustly hired Netrix to design a platform for creating powerful spreadsheet presentations and make data easier to understand and share for everyone.

Goal Make data easy to share and understand

Our goal was to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface where users can upload data (spreadsheets) and simply create presentations to explain all difficult calculations and statistics.

SolutionSplit functionality into 2 pieces

We divided functionality into 2 parts, as is customary for users. Each part allows to work on separate sections and at the same time view the overall picture — part of the spreadsheet and corresponding slide.

Talk to your audience visually

We use people (not machine) language and clear (not only beautiful) icons to make the user experience even better. Also, our team added a simple set of effects and animations for slides, just the most necessary and suitable.

How it worksUpload, Create, Collaborate

You can start by creating a new presentation or uploading a project from your device.

Right after select a spreadsheet and fill it with content. Apply visual effects to highlight and animate data.

Results Awesome tool to showcase meaningful data

In close collaboration with the client, we designed Mustly — a simple yet powerful platform for creating interactive spreadsheet presentations.

Mustly has an intuitive interface, easy-to-use tools, synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive, auto-saving option, comment mode, and more.

Netrix Digital is a skillful partner whose strengths include communication and time management.

Hermann Reimers Campos

Founder and CEO, Pantram Inc.